Foot Reflexology | Foot Reflexology Chart

Foot reflexology is a simple, non-invasive method to help balance the body. It has been described as a natural therapy that requires the application of a specific type of pressure on particular areas of the feet. It is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part of the body. Reflexology serves to relax, improve circulation and promote a general feeling of wellness.

How Foot Reflexology Works

Foot reflexology quite simply refers to the reflexes that have been mapped out in the foot. There are many different foot reflexology charts that show where the reflexes are for every part of the body. Reflexology is different than massage. It is thought that reflexology works through nerve endings whereas massage is applied to the muscles and soft tissue of the body. The actual technique is quite unique as it is meant to affect the reflex and not just the surface of the skin. A treatment should not be painful, though there may be uncomfortable or tender areas if your body is highly stressed. The more one applies pressure to those areas, the less tender they will become.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology
1. relaxation and stress management
2. can aid in the relief of aches, pains and tension
3. can aid digestive and elimination difficulties
4. can help improve sleep patterns
5. can increase mental and physical well being Read the rest of this entry »

Ear Reflexology

Ear reflexology can be applied quickly and easily in situations or health conditions where other forms of reflexology may not be suitable. Ear reflexology is sometimes used to compliment foot and hand reflexology.

Ear reflexology can benefit in many ways. Relief of stress, pain, clearing infections, lowering blood pressure, balancing hormones and many other conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

Hand Reflexology

Some people may consider hand reflexology to be a new practice but, in fact, both hand and foot reflexology have been used as part of medical care since as far back as the ancient Egyptian and classic Chinese times. Actually, despite it’s lower popularity, hand reflexology is build on similar theories and techniques that are also being used as the foundation of foot reflexology. The basic assumption used by the reflexologist is that each organ, gland and part of the body is reflected in both the hands and the feet. Stimulation of the so-called ‘reflex points’ promotes relaxation, improves circulation and encourages the body to heal itself. This explains why hand reflexologists sometimes use the axiom: “Health is at your fingertips!” Read the rest of this entry »

Reflexology | The Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principles that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.  Through application of pressure on particular areas of the hands or feet, reflexology serves to relax tension, improve circulation and promote the natural function of the related area in the body, according to Reflexology Association of Canada.

The benefits of reflexology:

Stress Reduction: When we are stressed our body’s defences break down and we become more susceptible to illness and disease. Reflexology reduces stress by generating deep tranquil relaxation, helping the body balance itself and allowing healing energy to flow.

Improved Circulation: Blood needs to flow freely throughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and removing the waste products of metabolism and other toxins. By reducing stress and tension, reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally and easily.

Stimulated Nerve Function: By stimulating more than 7,000 nerves in the feet, reflexology encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways. It interrupts pain pathways, reducing pain.

Improved Immune System: Reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system thus reducing risk of infection. It cleanses the body of toxins and impurities and also stimulates the production of endorphins, leading to an improved immune system and sense of well-being.

Increased Energy: Reflexology revitalises energy throughout the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways. Read the rest of this entry »

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